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Save Time And Money Secure By Comodo Positive Ssl Wildcard Certificate Sep 14

Submitted by: Daren John

Almost all of the owners of businesses and organizations have their own website and even a few sub domains. To test these sub domains are created for a specific organization certificate template functions that are similar to the SSL certification.

SSL Secure Sockets Layer means necessary to prevent identification theft. SSL-encrypted data is then processed as a transfer in the network, such as the transfer from server to another or from a browser to the server. SSL is a means to identify and verify the Web site, who they are the functionality of Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard Certificate as proof of identity or as a driver’s license. In general, when conducting transactions on the Web e-commerce site with information on your credit card or online banking, you can find a unique key symbol on a web page that the site is using SSL-certification, and data is encrypted and cannot data available other person who guarantees the user that a particular Web site is secure and restrict all sorts of security breaches.

Web Security certification has been designed with compatibility, even for older browsers and operating systems that use the forty bit encryption. In addition, in accordance with the requirement of some business organizations such certificates have been designed to work with the operating system using 2048 bits. This is convenient because the reasons, most organizations have multiple Web sites and sub-domains according to their business needs. These certificates is reasonable, if you want to use one certificate for all sites and sub-domains, which also reduces the difficulty of acquiring certificates for each sub-area and at each renewal, if the ends.

When it comes to the group certificate will be only one certificate for re-registration. Purchase of certificates separately for each sub-domain is high. In general SSL certificate can cost ten dollars to fifteen dollars each. But wildcard certificates have unlimited sub-domains with the former board.

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Compromising the security of the website will be to the detriment of the Web certification. If the server is under threat, all sub domains are also associated with the server is compromised resulting in great difficulties and violations of security for user data. In addition, all sub domains will be a risk if the certificate expires and is not re-released for a certain period.

In general, the PositiveSSL Wildcard Certificate that are available, and the resulting high level of security for Web sites were more popular among business owners around the world. This is very advantageous in many installations however there can be some pitfalls, which are discussed below. Wildcard certificates are getting to be cheaper and a lot more popular. Here we’ll go over a few of the advantages and drawbacks.

With a single PositiveSSL Wildcard you can secure as many sub-domains as you want. For example if you have a site with domain name , you can secure all under mentioned sub-domains and many other sub-domains with a single PositiveSSL Wildcard Certificate:

With up-to 256 bits encryptions PositiveSSL offers highest levels of security over multiple sub-domains with just one certificate. PositiveSSL Certificate provides domain only validation. It verifies and validates the ownership of your domain. It is an ideal pick for new websites that offer low volume e-commerce transactions.

About the Author: Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard Certificate enables you to secure multiple sub-domains on a single domain name with a just one SSL certificate.For more information, please visit our website:


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