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How To Properly Use Oil Spill Equipment} Aug 16

How to Properly Use Oil Spill Equipment


Travis Zdrazil

Oil spill equipment is actually a spill kit that has the necessary things you needed in cleaning up a mess. Oil spill equipment tends to have sorbents that generally relies on the chemical or liquid to be absorbed. To actually use it will be easy to say but handling the situation when it goes wrong can be messy. So its important to know how to use sorbents and to make sure that the oil spill equipment that you brought wont go to waste.

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To simplify, using the oil spill equipment or more accurate, the sorbents in the kit, you must know the liquid to be absorbed. If the liquid may contain hydrocarbons like oil, jet fuel, gasoline, motor oil, etc, you must use the absorbent that tends to suck only hydrocarbons, especially if the said liquid is on the water itself. There are different kinds of kits for every liquid and classified into three: universal or general purpose kits, oil only kits and the hazmat kits. Universal or general purpose spill kits tend to absorb both liquid whether it is oil or water. Oil only spill kits are the ones that can be used in water and absorb the oil that lay waste above it, while repelling water itself. Hazmat spill kits are the ones that can be used in water based liquids and even strong ones like acid and solvents.

The oil spill equipment also has the necessary things that you might need for protection like gloves, goggles, disposable bag and the likes. Protection is necessary when cleaning something that may harm you or your health. Drum spill kits are the containers that you use to contain the chemicals or spill that you cleaned. These containers can come in different forms, the large type and the movable type. Large ones are used when there is a massive spill whether it will on a ship or the chemical plants, these containers are essential. To use them is a bit risky and you need to get all the necessary gear of protection before containing a chemical or anything into these containers. The movable ones are used mainly by the janitors that clean the offices or by the service crew that cleans up the floor as people tend to walk on it with wet or muddy shoes. Then there is also a battery acid spill kit and a mercury spill kit that can be very handy when everything gets all leaky. To use the battery acid spill kits, it must be placed where the battery is near and in case it leaks, follow the guidelines that usually are at the back of the product itself. For mercury spill kits, which is very essential to lab and other industrial facilities, should be used under the dealers guidance and be very, very careful if handling it by your own.

The oil spill equipment may sound quite easy but to take all the technicalities can be a headache, but for the assurance of the safety of the people buying it is some of the companys concern and to diligently following those directions can be a well enough guideline to use such equipment.

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