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Somali pirates hijack Indonesian tugboat and Turkish container ship
Aug 16

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Two more vessels have been hijacked in Somalia. Pirates have captured an Indonesian tugboat with a barge that was working for French oil firm Total and a Turkish container ship.

The Turkish vessel’s seizure was confirmed by a US Fifth Fleet spokesman. MV Bosphorus Prodigy is a 330 ft (100 m) container vessel flagged in Antigua and Barbuda. It is owned and operated by Isko Marine Company based in Istanbul.

The Fifth Fleet could not confirm the tugboat’s seizure, but an anonymous official with Total in Yemen could. He explained the boat and barge were headed to Malaysia from the Yemeni port of Mukalla. He said the crew consisted of both Indonesians and other nationalities, and that the vessels, which had been hired by a subcontractor, were not carrying any oil at the time.

The new hijackings came as the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime asked for greater policing in the area by international bodies, and for the signing of agreements that allowed the arresting officer to take pirates back to the officer’s country for prosecution.

“Pirates cannot be keelhauled or forced to walk the plank, nor should they be dumped off the Somali coast,” said the office’s head Antonio Maria Costa. “They need to be brought to justice”.

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What Is Digital Marketing? A Guideline To Marketing In Today’s Digital World} Aug 12

What Is Digital Marketing? A Guideline to Marketing in Today’s Digital World



In the world of business development and branding, going digital is all the buzz. So just what is digital marketing and advertising and how can we make use of it to develop our businesses?

Digital Marketing Defined

Digital marketing is the promotion and advertising of businesses and their brand names through digital media channels. Digital mass media, at the moment, includes sites, social mass media, radio, television, mobile and also forms of traditionally non-digital mass media such as billboards and transit indications. Essentially any marketing mass media that is delivered electronically is considered digital marketing.

This leaves only various forms of person-to-person (P2P) marketing, print advertising and guide marketing and advertising outside of the digital marketing umbrella. Even then, print ads, direct mail, print directories, posters and billboards are all starting to connect to their digital counterparts. With items like Link landing web pages, QR requirements, web banner advertising, online directories and text codes, traditional marketing and advertising and advertising almost constantly provides a digital marketing connection.

Why the Focus on Digital Mass media?

YouTube Preview Image

The shift to digital media is being driven by marketing agencies, business owners and consumers alike. The ever-increasing requirement to show quantifiable results makes going digital a fantasy for the digital marketing agency. Most digital media, including websites, sociable mass media and mobile advertising is usually much easier to track than traditional marketing mass media such as print advertising.

For business owners, several forms of digital advertising are very low cost. Having a web presence, participating customers in interactions through sociable mass media and e-mail marketing are low cost alternatives to print advertising and direct mail. These digital channels are accessible to businesses of any size, and help to also the playing field for start-ups, small businesses and self-employed consultants searching for new business.

For consumers, the fast pace of lifestyle makes digital advertising a must. When customers are in need of items and providers, gone are the full days of thumbing through a phonebook to find them. Now, we whip out our mobile gadgets or head to our computers for answers – and we find them fast.

Using Digital Mass media to Build Your Business and Brand

No matter what size your business is – huge or small to medium sized business / enterprise (SMB or SME) – you can effectively market your business through low-cost digital channels. The foundation of your marketing efforts shall be your website. Invest wisely in your site, and end up being sure that it does the adhering to:

Effectively represents your business and brand (look and experience, messaging)

Effectively speaks to your target audience

Can be present by searchers on top lookup engines

Is usually up-to-date and quickly navigable

Provides multiple channels for consumer communication

Connects to additional marketing and advertising efforts

It is recommended that you work with a professional web design firm that is skilled in web growth and lookup engine optimization. Because your website is usually the base to and from which all additional digital channels will business lead, it should end up being regarded one of your top business investments.

Once you have your site complete, the next methods would be to start regular bi-monthly or monthly e-mail campaigns, and connect with customers via public media. If you are on a shoestring budget truly, these are initiatives that can end up being completed in-house (by someone with the correct information) or for a low cost by an outside digital marketing agency. Be sure that all of your initiatives lead customers back to your site where they can fully indulge with your business, products and services, and choose the channels through which you are contacted by them.

If you’re interested in getting aggressive with lookup marketing and advertising, you can place aside some digital marketing dollars for lookup engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising. Many businesses today rely heavily on getting found on-line to gain new customers. A common misconception among business owners is usually that basically having a site means that customers will find it. Not so. Your site must end up being built with specific key phrases and terms, meta data, page articles and linking methods that will help it reach top lookup rankings.

Because many key phrases and terms have hard competition for top lookup rankings, you will need to health supplement your organic lookup engine optimization initiatives with pay-per-click advertising. Getting set up with pay-per-click advertising strategies can end up being a little daunting, but with a little time, effort and instruction, that too can end up being accomplished in-house, or for a sensible cost through an outside digital marketing agency.

Beyond e-mail, sociable media marketing and lookup engine marketing and advertising, you can opportunity into a web host of additional digital marketing and advertising efforts. Mobile phone advertising, radio stations, television, electronic billboards and much more are accessible as marketing shops. Whatever digital initiatives you choose, they should all connect and tie into your base – your business website.

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Caterpillars force temporary closure of Wisconsin state park
Aug 12

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A park in the U.S. state of Wisconsin has been closed, due to being over-run by gypsy moth caterpillars.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced the unprecedented move yesterday, with officials saying they would temporarily close Rocky Arbor State Park near Wisconsin Dells due to an infestation of gypsy moth larvae.

The larvae are present at the park in such large numbers that, according to a report by the Wisconsin State Journal, camping there would “apparently be a squishy, nightmarish experience.”

Mark Guthmiller, DNR gypsy moth suppression coordinator said that “there are also health and safety considerations that prompted our action,” explaining that there was a significant risk of people having severe allergic reactions to the caterpillars. There were also concerns that the caterpillars might be accidentally transported out of the park on park user’s vehicles to areas where the moths have as yet failed to establish themselves. Guthmiller also commented that related sanitation issues” would also “significantly detract from the quality park camping experience.”

Andrea Diss-Torrance, another gypsy moth coordinator for the DNR, said of the infestation: “It’s very severe – it’s as severe as I have ever seen.”

The closure, which will run until at least June 27, is thought to affect around 95 campground reservations at the site, which covers 255 acres. State officials have been attempting to arrange alternatives for campers at nearby parks, or, failing this being acceptable, are offering refunds. The park will be closed until after the caterpillars have completed pupation – the period in their life cycle in which they transform into moths.

The gypsy moth is a pest in the U.S., having been introduced in the 19th-century in a failed attempt to to try to breed a hardy variant of silkworm. The moths can strip the leaves off at least 250 different tree species, and as they lack natural predators in the U.S., cause significant damage. The moths often chew leaves but don’t actually eat them, thus increasing the potential damage.

At Rocky Arbor, they have already stripped all the trees in some areas of the park. The caterpillars can kill trees directly, but more usually weaken them so that they are more susceptible to die from other causes, such as disease.

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Rust In The Carpet How To Get It Out Jul 21

By Victor Nugent

A great looking carpet will improve the appearance of any room, and can magnify the positive impression your guests will have as soon as they enter. But if your carpet is not clean, or is tainted or marred by unsightly spots or stains, especially rust stains, it could have the opposite effect on your guests. Ordinary carpet cleaning will not remove rust stains, and some people may become frustrated and conclude that the only thing they can do about it is to cover it with an area rug, or rearrange the furniture, or ultimately just replace the carpet.

Rust stains are relatively easy to remove when you know how to do it, but it can be very difficult, time-consuming and frustrating if you do not understanding what you are doing. There are many DIY methods that have been suggested, and most are based on sound scientific principles, but householders need to think carefully and proceed cautiously before trying to do it on your own, or else the results could be costly and disastrous. Most of the time, even after carefully following the recommended procedures, the results also prove to be very time-consuming and less than satisfactory.

Most people should not even try to remove rust stains without the assistance of a professional carpet cleaning company. Here’s why.

Rust is not your ordinary stain, but is the product of metallic oxidation in the presence of moisture and oxygen. The reddish-brown rust found on carpet is usually caused when a metallic object like the bottom of a filing cabinet or the legs or base of certain types of furniture comes in contact with wet or moist carpet.

YouTube Preview Image

Incidentally, be sure to insist that after cleaning your carpet, the technician places some insulating material, like foam pads, under this type of furniture, and leave it there until the carpet is dry.

In order to get rid of the stain then, it must be reduced by transforming it to a soluble salt or colloidal complex. Acids are the most suitable reducing agents, and many different types are used. Among the most commonly recommended household solvents, are lemon juice and vinegar. Lemon juice contains a significant portion of citric acid, and vinegar has about 5% of acetic acid.

Commercial rust removal spotters usually contain dilute hydrofluoric acid, oxalic acid, or ammonium fluoride. Great care must be taken when using these products. Safety gear must be worn, and protective equipment used. The manufacturers instructions and recommendations must be followed exactly.

Hydrofluoric acid is the most dangerous, and should only be used by a professional. The liquid itself or its fumes will cause etching of glass or marble. It is very corrosive and will cause severe burns on contact with skin. It can also act as a local anesthetic, so the effect may not be felt until it has already done great damage. Hydrofluoric acid may also cause the color of the carpet fibers to change irreversibly.

Oxalic acid is milder, but still dangerous. It is the chemical most often used for rust removal by professional carpet cleaners, although it is slower in action than hydrofluoric acid. It is still essential that all directions and cautions on the bottle should be followed exactly.

Ammonium fluoride is safer, fast acting and is not as corrosive, but again, instructions for using it must be followed closely.

In each case, the solvent is applied to the stain, the spot agitated, and the mixture left in place for about five minutes. It is then rinsed thoroughly with water, and like magic, the rust stain disappears.

Hands and other exposed skin areas must always be washed thoroughly with water after this exercise.

About the Author: Victor Nugent is Owner and President of AJS Carpet Cleaning, Inc. with over 10 years experience in the Carpet Cleaning business. For more cleaning tips call AJS Carpet Cleaning, Inc. at 801 368-0705. Or visit us at AJS Carpet Cleaning, Inc.


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eBay removes Canadian town’s listing of sperm whale carcass
Jul 20

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Citing violations of its policy regarding “Marine mammal items”, eBay terminated an online listing on Monday by the town of Cape St. George, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, for a 40 ft (12 m) sperm whale carcass reportedly beached upon its shores about a week prior.

With an initial asking price of 99 cents, bidding for the carcass reportedly rose to C$238.03 within 15 bids. Reports variously state the final price of the whale, prior to the removal of the listing from the auction site on Monday at about 2:30pm, was C$2,025 or C$2,075. Listed in eBay’s “really weird” category, the carcass was considered by eBay to be an example of “items made from marine mammals regardless of when the product was made”, which are prohibited as per site rules.

Following a council meeting on Sunday in the town of 950 residents, Cape St. George’s mayor, Peter Fenwick, put the whale up on the auction site in a bid to have it removed from the town’s premises, citing a lack of cooperation from provincial and federal government officials on the matter. “It’s your problem, you solve it”, Fenwick recounted to The Globe and Mail (TGaM) as the response he received from them. Apart from eBay, Kijiji was also suggested as another avenue by which to sell the carcass.

Fenwick told CTV News, several years prior another sperm whale measuring 15 ft was beached in the area, but disappeared without incident, an act Fenwick attributed to be the work of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. “This time”, he remarked, “the authorities have told us that it’s our whale, it’s our responsibility to get rid of it.”

On putting the carcass for sale, Fenwick remarked, “We knew we had to do something with it and this seemed to be the least expensive way of disposing of it.” In a news release, Fenwick highlighted a possible use for the carcass, particularly its bones. “The 40 foot sperm whale will make a spectacular exhibit once the fat and muscle is removed, and the town is asking museums and other organizations that could use a whale skeleton to contact the town for further details.”

On retaining the whale himself, Fenwick stated, “As a town we would dearly love to keep the whale and put it on exhibit in the town but the cost of such a venture would be hard to justify.” Fenwick told TGaM the whale was “in half decent shape”. “This one looks like it died very recently and hasn’t decomposed much”, which Fenwick suggested elsewhere was due to the whale’s present location, partially submerged in near-freezing water. However, Fenwick noted its close proximity to a residential area, saying homeowners who lived there were “very interested in seeing the whale gone.”

eBay was not the only organization who barred the sale from taking place. “We also got threatened by the federal department of the environment, and told to pull the ad off or they would prosecute us”, said Fenwick on the opposition he said he received from Environment Canada, which viewed the sale as contravening a federal act designed to protect endangered species. “I received a call from the federal department of the environment saying that you’re not allowed to sell any parts of sperm whales, even if they’re dead.” he added. “So I said, ‘Oh that’s very good, I’m glad to hear that, now can you send somebody over here to get rid of it for us?'” Fenwick’s request was met with a negative response from Environment Canada.

“They’ve got to sort it out somehow. The uncertainty means it just sort of sits there and rots.” Once decomposition sets in, Fenwick remarked the carcass would become a “real nuisance”. “I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a whale that’s been rotting on the beach for a couple of months — actually sometimes you can’t see it for the clouds of flies around it — but you can smell it for about a mile”, he added.

On finding alternate means to dispose of the carcass, Wayne Ledwell, a member of Newfoundland’s Whale Release and Strandings, suggested the whale be towed out to a remote area. “They need to do that right away, when they come in and they’re fresh,” said Ledwell. “No one wants to go touch them … everything becomes gooey and slippery and you can’t stand up on the whale and it gets on your boots and you can’t get the smell off and then you go home and the dog rolls in it and you get it in your kitchen and you curse the whales, and you curse the government and … it becomes a mess.” Fenwick said they’d considered the idea, enlisting a local fisherman who, however, judged his engine too small for the job.

Previously, blue whale carcasses washed ashore in the towns of Trout River and Rocky Harbour, located about 150 km further north, and were taken by Royal Ontario Museum for preservation of the skeletons. Fenwick suggested the sperm whale carcass in his town might also meet a similar fate, as the sperm whale’s status as the largest toothed whale might prove to be a drawing attraction for such a facility.

Regarding what he plans to do next with the carcass, Fenwick said “If we’re not allowed to sell it, we’re willing to drop our 99 cent price down to a zero.” He said he hoped some eBay bidder stays interested in the whale. “We’ll be glad to talk to them about giving them the whale. We’re hoping that’s not illegal.” He also said he hoped the publicity from the town’s predicament, which garnered national attention, and its unusual means of finding a solution, would draw in someone interested in taking the whale off his hands at their own expense.

Should the whale fall under new ownership, Fenwick advised it be moved away from the town to a beach devoid of people, and the blubber left as food for seagulls, insects, and other predators. He estimated “It’ll probably take a year or so to get down to the skeleton.” As monetary gain was reportedly not what the town cared about, Fenwick was willing to offer the carcass for free, though one report noted money raised from the listing could have gone towards the building of a skate park.

The listing on eBay, as put up by Fenwick, read:

This 40 foot sperm whale rolled up on the beach last week. The actual seller is the town of Cape St. George which is responsible for disposing of it before it starts to decay. Once the fat and flesh is removed you have a spectacular 40 foot skeleton of the largest toothed whale in the world, great for museums and other attractions. To prevent it rotting in the town it can be towed to isolated beaches on the Port au Port Peninsula to allow the seagulls and other birds to remove the flesh. Call 709-644-2290 or 709-649-7070 for more details.

Please note the successful bidder will have to remove the whale within 30 days

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At least fifteen dead after stampede at Mali mosque
Jul 20

Friday, February 26, 2010

According to a government official, at least 26 people were killed in a stampede on Thursday at a historic mosque in the northwestern city of Timbuktu, Mali.

“There were 26 killed and 40 wounded,” Oumar Sangare, the Internal Ministry spokesman, told Reuters. However, other news agency reports put the death toll as low as fifteen.

An official, who requested to remain anonymous, said the accident could have begun as a result of renovation work on the Djingareyber mosque—which is made primarily of mud, and was built in the fourteenth century. Construction work blocked off some of the roads, and that could have been a factor in the incident. “The mosque is being renovated, financed by the Aga Khan, and the work is carried out by South African specialists,” the official told the Agence France-Presse (AFP) news agency.

“Because of these renovations, the passage on the north side of the mosque is closed off. On that side, to get through, the faithful found an improvised alleyway. But the alley couldn’t take the number of people using it. So there was a stampede. Somebody shouted ‘someone has died’ and panic took over,” the same official went on to say.

Others have remarked that rescue services responded “very quickly” to the stampede, and helped the “many injured.”

The Xinhua news agency reports the stampede started when an elderly woman fell in one of the town streets near the city’s main mosque, where a sermon was being conducted in front of a large crowd; a passersby then rushed to assist the woman, apparently disrupting the crowd’s movement and causing the stampede.

“People were circling the mosque, a ritual at each Mouloud [the observance of the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday] and there was a huge crowd build up,” commented Mohamed Bandjougou, one of the witnesses to the event, to AFP by telephone. “There were at least fifteen dead. The bodies were taken to the morgue.”

Authorities warned the number of injured may actually be higher than reported, saying that “we cannot rule out the fact that the number of those injured will increase because some of them are still hiding in their homes instead of coming to the hospital.” A hospital source commented that some of the people hurt were in critical condition, and needed to be evacuated to the capital, Bamako, as soon as possible.

The mosque’s imam, who gave his name as Asseyuti, commented on the incident. “We’re in mourning. What happened is a real trauma. We accept the will of God. He gives us life, he takes it away,” he said.

According to an official statement, Malian president Amandou Toumani Toure is traveling to Timbuktu from Bamako in light of the stampede.

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3 Surprising Facts That You May Want To Know About Life Coaching} Jul 13

Submitted by: Christina Cordle

Life coaching as you may have known are not just the same as other therapies. It offers more than just a therapy. It gives a new positive perspective in life to their clients. And there is certainly more of this coaching business than just talking. Below are some quite surprising facts about life or personal coaching.

The Beginning of Coaching:

Life coaching career or coaching alone is actually a brand spanking new industry got going in the middle of 1980’s through a financial adviser named Thomas Leonard. CEOs and also big men in the industry world began to make use of coaches as well as consultants to help in improve their performance and establishing individual business objectives. The greatest objective would be to have an impact on the bottom of the organization – income and gratification.

Business people learned that as long as they enhanced their own efficiency or perhaps, the standard of their own work, the outcome converted into money as well as business development. Therefore the particular principle of coaching will be – the activity from which you happen to be at the moment, to the place you would like to get.

YouTube Preview Image

The Development Regarding Personal Coaching:

Just like the medical industry provides distinctive and different expertise, coming from surgical meds to oncology, the same is true in the concept of coaching. While coaching inside the business world became increasingly more popular, coaches began to discover that their particular consultations to the business people centered on different factors depending on the person’s life and also depending on the nature of their work or maybe career goals.

This kind of change in subject concentration has been the start of a spinoff specialization known as life or personal coaching. Life coaches or personal coaches can easily deal with all sorts of life aspects which include self-improvement, life and work harmony, relationships, social communication, life intent, personal interest as well as spiritual development.

A Developing Career:

Based on International Coach Federation, it is the regulating system intended for all the coaches around the world, there are about twenty thousand regular coaches in this business, having 75% of which are from the USA. Above six thousand coaches are actually associates of the Federation that is a quantity which is growing dramatically each and every year.

These becoming more popular industry have enticed the interest of educational facilities as well as psychotherapists since institutions just like Georgetown and also organizations just like the American Psychological Association now have integrated coaching courses to their training plans. There are actually at the moment seventy-one coach training courses posted by ICF with lots of schools that are now giving education in this area and increasing numbers of individuals signing up every year.

This life coaching business is growing drastically with the needs greater than what the supply could give which means that making this as your career is a wise choice. You are guaranteed to have enough clients that you could help in their own personal issues. With the proper training and proper strategy, you will be able to be the greatest coach that you can ever be.

About the Author: Christina Cordle enjoys writing for Coachestrainingblog which is an online resource on

life coach salaries


marketing for coaches

as well as other related subjects.


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NASA’s Deep Impact probe strikes comet successfully
Jul 13

Monday, July 4, 2005

NASA’s Deep Impact probe collided with the comet Tempel 1 on Monday, as intended by scientists. The collision took place at 5:45 UTC and NASA held a press briefing shortly after at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, NASA’s non-manned space flight control center. A full-fledged press conference by NASA is scheduled to be at JPL on Monday afternoon at 2 p.m. PDT (9:00 UTC).

The experiment, intending to provide more information about the make up of comets, consisted of a 370 kg projectile being fired at the comet in order to observe and analyse the resultant impact. With information gleaned from the impact, the comet’s general make-up can be established and more accurate hypotheses regarding how the Solar system and the universe came to be.

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Prince Laurent of Belgium testifies in marine fraud case
Jul 13

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

This article features in a News Brief from Audio Wikinews:

Prince Laurent of Belgium, the youngest son of King Albert II of Belgium, has been questioned last night by the federal police and is attending today’s court session in Hasselt in a marine fraud case that has gripped Belgian media since last December. He arrived in a Smart car and was accompanied by his lawyer and former politician Fred Erdman. The case turns around funds of the Belgian Navy that have been used to beautify the Prince’s villa in Tervuren. The Prince is expected to testify this afternoon.

In total, 2.2 million was supposedly diverted from the marine’s purchasing services using false invoices. Roughly € 185 000 was allegedly used to paint the Prince’s villa, install lights in the garden, for the purchase of carpet and furniture, and for his secretariat and for animal clinics the Prince supports via his Foundation. Twelve marine officers and contractors are being accused of document fraud, collusion, bribery, embezzlement of government money etc. and could face 10 years in prison. The money was part of the budget that wasn’t spent at the end of the year, and which would flow back to the government if the army didn’t spend it.

The Prince, who is also an officer in the navy, is being treated only as a witness in this case, there have been no charges against him. The Attorney General in Hasselt Marc Rubens has said that there are no elements in the investigation that point to the fact that Laurent was aware of the affair, however several accused have contested this in the press. Technically, the villa is not the property of the Prince himself, but of the Royal Gift, which manages the real property of the Royal Family.

During his interview by the police last night, Prince Laurent stated that he needed funds to renovate his villa, and that Noël Vaessen, his adviser, told him the Navy could help him. The Prince stated that he thought it was legal, and that he had no reason to doubt his adviser.

Ex-Colonel Noël Vaessen was an adviser of the Prince between 1993 and 1999. Vaessen has declared in the media during the last month that the Prince actively participated in the fraud, and that he fears a cover-up. He said that the Prince was a demanding party in the operation, and that “he knew that we were arranging things to make his life and his work as comfortable as possible.” According to Vaessen, the Prince was in need of money to support a royal lifestyle, and “didn’t even have enough money to buy food.”

In 2001, Vaessen was discharged with honour from the army “for medical reasons”, but Defence Minister André Flahaut is investigating if there was no agreement to give him his pension in exchange for the fact that he wouldn’t incriminate the Prince. Vaessen also accused the Prince of other things, such as racing against the high-speed train TGV on a French highway. He has also incriminated Admiral Herteleer. Captain Johan Claeys, one of the accused, studied with the Prince and worked at the facturation services of the Navy in 1998 and 1999. One of the accused contractors, Marc Luypaerts, has told the press that the judge responsible for the investigation in Hasselt had forbidden him to speak about Prince Laurent.

Laurent’s status as a Prince has several judicial consequences for the trial. In Belgium, it’s against the law to incriminate the Royal Family during a trial. Also, the Prince is protected from judicial pursuit because he is also a Senator by law. Justice Minister Laurette Onkelinx has issued a Royal Decrete, which the King has signed while on holiday in Napels, which would make it possible for Princes to testify in a trial.

However, Public Prosecutor Erwin Steyls has chosen to have Laurent interrogated by the police last night in Hasselt. This was the first time during the last six years of the inquiry that the Prince was questioned. Today in the court, the Prosecutor defended the act of having him questioned outside the trial, saying that there were several procedural issues. First, the subpoena for the Prince wasn’t issued in time to be legal. Second, the details of the protocol to hear the Prince in court were not explained in the recent Royal Decrete, making it worthless -something Minister Onkelickx denied. Thirdly, nobody can be forced to testify against himself, and if the Prince were to make false statements under oath, he could only be sued for perjury. However, the court has decided to let him testify anyway this afternoon.


Nobody is above the law and the Justice Department must be able to complete its task in full independence. When the courts find embezzlements, it seems fair to me that they would be compensated by anyone who profited from them.

During the last month, the case has caused a several spin-off discussions in Belgium. One of the surprises during this period was the King’s Christmas Message, in which he referred to the case. The regional governments are now investigating and discussing their donations to the IRGT/KINT, an environmental organisation supported by Prince Laurent. But there is also an ongoing debate over the position of the Monarchy in Belgium. Some politicians are suggesting to limit the role of the Monarchy, and other think that only the King and Queen, the Crown Prince or Princess and the widow(er) of the King or Queen should receive state funding.

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Latest trial of the One Laptop Per Child running in India; Uruguay orders 100,000 machines
Jul 13

Thursday, November 8, 2007

India is the latest of the countries where the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) experiment has started. Children from the village of Khairat were given the opportunity to learn how to use the XO laptop. During the last year XO was distributed to children from Arahuay in Peru, Ban Samkha in Thailand, Cardal in Uruguay and Galadima in Nigeria. The OLPC team are, in their reports on the startup of the trials, delighted with how the laptop has improved access to information and ability to carry out educational activities. Thailand’s The Nation has praised the project, describing the children as “enthusiastic” and keen to attend school with their laptops.

Recent good news for the project sees Uruguay having ordered 100,000 of the machines which are to be given to children aged six to twelve. Should all go according to plan a further 300,000 machines will be purchased by 2009 to give one to every child in the country. As the first to order, Uruguay chose the OLPC XO laptop over its rival from Intel, the Classmate PC. In parallel with the delivery of the laptops network connectivity will be provided to schools involved in the project.

The remainder of this article is based on Carla G. Munroy’s Khairat Chronicle, which is available from the OLPC Wiki. Additional sources are listed at the end.


  • 1 India team
  • 2 Khairat
    • 2.1 The town school
  • 3 The workplace
  • 4 Marathi
  • 5 The teacher
  • 6 Older children, teenagers, and villagers
  • 7 The students
  • 8 Teacher session
  • 9 Parents’ meetings
  • 10 Grounding the server
  • 11 Every child at school
  • 12 Sources
  • 13 External links
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